Jasmine Su Juanyan Gardner

A portfolio of work that demonstrates both my Fine Art and commercial practice. 

 - Manchester based artist
- Fine Art and Art History, Manchester School of Art Graduate
- MA By Research, Manchester Metropolitan University

Upcoming Events:

  • 8th - 22nd October: Featured artist in The Order of the Fool's exhibition Street Tarot, various venues in the Northern Quater, Manchester
  • 17th October: Featured artist and seller at Arts for Our Sake's pop- up exhibition Just a Little Taste, Feel Good Club, Manchester

Woyou: Wandering Whilst Lying Down

300cm X 35cm, 
Acrylic and ink on Fabriano 200gsm paper, wood and rope

Fine Art Practice: 

Having experienced a variety of different disciplines throughout the years, I have found fine art to be my strength and a prominent interest, specifically looking at the recontextulisation of traditional Chinese craft and the bombardment of capitalism. 

Commercial Art Practice:

Over the years I have been commissioned artworks varying from collage to acrylic paintings. This has enabled me to interpret a brief creatively and effectively.

About Me

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